Objects jumping to Graphics 2

dkuhlmann shared this question 11 years ago

This problem exists in the 4.0 RC also. In the attached file it should show a random selection from a list of ten functions. The random function button has a script that sets k=RandomBetween[1,10] but when selected the function and text jump to Graphics2. system info below. GGb file attached.

    GeoGebra 3.9.345.0 Webstart (28 August 2011) Java: 1.6.0_26) Codebase: http://www.geogebra.org/web... OS: Mac OS X 10.6.8

    Architecture: x86_64 Heap: 507MB CAS: MPReduce .016


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If the Random Function button is also in Graphics window (i.e., not in Graphics2) then the subsequents functions graph in Graphics. Seems that having the commands in Graphics2 is sending some signal to move everything into Graphics2.


But...if I add the command SetActiveView[1] to the Script for the Random Function button, it works OK.

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