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i have spent the last 5 hrs using geogbra for a class assessment and now that time has been wasted as I'm not able to save nor login and I'm not going to refresh and loose all my work.

fix this please

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Which app?


I am in a similar situation: I unexpectedly get "SIGN IN" button showing when my resource is open in Geometry app, which is what (I presume) precludes me from accessing the burger menu (in top left corner) and the tools menu, leaving me unable to edit my resource.

I use Google Chrome:

1. I've signed in on the main page.

2. I make sure I am on my "Profile" page, where I can see my Resources.

3. I click on the "snowman" on my resource.

4. I click on "Open in App" menu item.

5. My resource opens in a separate tab.

6. What should have happened: I expected to have my profile image in the top right corner. What did happen: I see "SIGN IN" showing instead (with error "Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 403 (): avatar.png" in DevTools console).

7. I click on "SIGN IN".

8. A "Please sign in..." window pops up.

9. I open DevTools to see if there are any errors, and leave it open to one side.

9. Back to "Please sign in..." popup - I fill in my GeoGebra account credentials.

10. I click "Sign in" button below the credentials fields.

11. The whole pop up window goes blank (see attachment).

12. I go back to DevTools and take screen capture of the "Network" activity (see attachment).

13. I close the (now blank) pop up window.

14. In DevTools for the main screen, I notice that a GET for avatar.png returned Error 403.

15. The "SIGN IN" button is still showing in top right corner, but this time it is UNRESPONSIVE. Clicking it produces no more DevTools activity that I can see.

Please let me know if I can help by providing more details.

Thank you,



I've found a workaround for being able to access the required menus when "SIGN IN" is showing in error in Geometry app.

Once the resource is open with the wrong sign-in status (i.e. the unexpected "SIGN IN" button is showing) do the following:

1. Remove the resource identifier from the URL, so you only have ""

2. You are now on the main Geometry page, and the page is now showing your avatar (instead of the "SIGN IN" button).

3. Main menu is now also responding, so click on it and select "Open".

4. Find your resource using the search field.

5. Click on the resource and select "Edit".

6. The tools menu is now showing, and its functionality seems as expected.

Hope this helps.


has intentado ir directamente a tus materiales y abrirlos desde allí

es esto lo que quieres?



Hi Mathmagic, thanks. Yes, this is my original scenario (see step 2 in my original post).

I am still getting the "SIGN IN" button, where the sign in still does not work (as described in my previous post) and I cannot access either the tool bar or the main menu.

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