No selection list - cannot select image in ggb4

LFS shared this question 11 years ago

A colleague wrote that she could not select an image if there was another object in the same position.

Before, we got a list of all the objects in that position, but in ggb4 we do not.

I made a page to show the problem.


You cannot select the image of the clock - only the polygon.

(This is the 1st interactivity.)

Even if you move the image to an "upper" layer and/or move it out of auxiliary, you still cannot select it.

(This is the 2nd interactivity.)

Can this be fixed? This particular teacher wants to illustrate dilatation by dilating an image.

Thanks, Linda

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Would not it just a problem of superimposed layers?

The image is covered by the polygon, It must be the reverse number of layers and put the image in layer 8 or 9

and also the picture had only one corner in A (fixe). try corner2 in B and move B



Hiya Daniel,

Thanks for reply and suggestions.

I tried all of these solutions before and they did not work for me.

Question: did you get GeoGebra to "see" the image at all when the polygon is there?

In ggb 3.2, when you move your mouse over the polygon and the image, both objects show in the popup.

In ggb 4.0, when you move your mouse over the polygon and the image, only the polygon shows in the popup.

I am wondering if that is the problem.


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