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JWofsey shared this idea 4 years ago

Hello Geogebra team, I love the look of the new website, but I have a few significant problems.

When you click "share" there no longer is "share with group." This was the most convenient way to share a resource with your group, please bring it back.

Also, no longer is there the "add to Geogebrabook" feature, which was also super convenient and I really miss. Please bring it back.

Also, now when you search resources, I cannot find a way to filter out my own so I have to scroll down a huge list of my own resources until I get to something new. Am I missing something here? This make it much more difficult for me to search for content from others. Please make a way so that you can filter yourself out when searching for content.

Another little thing, it's a little weird that you have to click on "Profile" then "Groups" to see your groups, and if you click directly on "Groups" it only takes you to the separate page to join a new group and you have to click again to see your groups. This is confusing.

I hope these issues can be addressed. Thanks so much.

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thanks for your feedback! We hear you and will improve most of these things soon. It's like moving to a new house - exciting times :-)


> "add to Geogebrabook" feature

That's still on the "Details" page (one extra click)


Bonjour ,

qu'en est-il d'une demande déjà formulée de retrouver comme avant la liste des ressources récentes ?


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