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I am new to GeoGebra. I am looking for some step by step tutorials for the purpose of generating geometric art, spirals, circles, etc. I have watched some of the videos online and have tried some of the things I have seen. Some of the videos are silent and some hard to see on my iPad or MacBook. Also is there a particular group I should reach out to with these kinds of questions, or is it okay to ask the questions here?

Thanks in advance for your help.


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Circle radius 1

Curve(cos(u), sin(u), u, 0, 2*pi)

Circle radius 3

Curve(3*cos(u), 3*sin(u), u, 0, 2*pi)


Curve(u*cos(u), u*sin(u), u, 0, 2*pi)

Something interesting in 3D

Curve(u*cos(u), u*sin(u),u, u, 0, 2*pi)


you can see here

then resources


The Sequence command is one of the most useful when creating repeating patterns, or families of similar objects.

There are many examples and activities related to art/string art etc... on our materials platform.

Just try a Search using *art* as a keyword: see

and you'll find dozens of materials, that you can download and explore. Just open the file, then right click on any object in Algebra View to see how it was defined.

And yes, this is the right place to ask :)

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