New link when editing in my work

Euklid Olsen shared this question 3 years ago


Why is it that when i'm trying to save som changes in my files, geogebra makes a new link or new file ?

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If you edit online an applet in an activity or replace it by another file, the url of the activity stays the same, so I don't quite understand what you did. You only get a new url and a new activity when you make offline some changes and upload it again.

So if you want to make changes in an already uploaded file, you dan do the changes online in the worksheet editor of replace the applet by your recent version.



Yes so, i constantly have a problem where when ever i need to change something in an online file and try to save the changes, it seem like it can't find the original and just gives me an option to put a name of the file and then produces a new link.

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