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New GeoGebraWeb Release (18th March)

Michael Borcherds shared this question 9 years ago

GeoGebraWeb is the HTML5 version of GeoGebra for iPads / Chromebooks / Android Tablets

* Ctrl-Shift-B exports HTML5 to clipboard from GeoGebra or later and GeoGebra 4.2 Beta

* Input Boxes now working

* FormulaText now works for conditional functions eg FormulaText[If[x ≤ 3, x + 1, If[x < 5, x + 2, x + 3]]]

* Almost all commands now working

* Lots of other small improvements

* Most applet parameters now supported:

* All relevant JavaScript methods are working:

* New applet parameter to adjust for touch screens: data-param-capturingThreshold

* Just one Graphics View supported at the moment (no Spreadsheet, Algebra View)

Note: dashed lines depend on the browser supporting that. Currently only Firefox does.

Note: If you upload worksheets to then they will automatically use Java or HTML5 as appropriate

Note: Raw LaTeX is not supported. However eg FormulaText[sqrt((x+1)/(x-1))] works fine.

Please report successes and problems here:

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