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Zbynek shared this idea 6 years ago
In Progress

We received a lot of feedback so I would like to start this topic to clear some confusions. Compared to the old forum, some things changed.

New features

* clear way marking topics as answered, with possibility to highlight best answer. This way moderators can focus on problems that were not addressed already.

* mobile interface to check the forum on the go

* possibily to post from the main site: removing the need to pick from 30 categories before you send your first post.

* show translation button in every topic and comment

bbcode tags

* the primary editor is WYSIWYG, so no need to care about them much

* size tag is now not supported, not coming back

* color tag is missing, will be added

* code was renamed to co

* quote was renamed to reply and there are some problems with its usage; will be addressed

overview pages

* list of topics you were involved in is in

* there is no page indicating posts / topics you have not seen; we will try to add that


* the search page now allows you to search in all help channels (tutorials, manual and forum)

* some basic filters were added, filtering by user will come soon


* you can use all emoticons from this library:

* smiley 8) is no longer supoorted and won't be added

* smiley :? is no longer supported, probably will stay that way

private messages

* will be available as part of the whole GeoGebra website; this will take some time to implement

I will update this post with more details as the implementation continues.

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