New applet takes very long to load and refresh

JHeindel shared this question 11 months ago
Needs Answer

Dear geogebra community,

I have just uploaded some new applets. All of them take surpringly long to load and this is also the case if I press the 2 circeling refresh arrows. The process of uploading them was already quite tedious and my browser was repeatedly unresponsive even though the files are only between 14 and 16 KB.

Since I used a previous template-applet that loads/works/refreshes perfecty fine, I don't understand what the reason could be.

Here is the links to one of the working template applets:

Here is the link to the adjusted applet that doesn't work well:

I would be very appreciative if someone could point to the source of the problem as I am certain that my student will think there is a mistake if the page doesn't load/the equation doesn't refresh.

Thanks a lot in advance!


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