My GeoGebra Classroom is inaccessible

hjbortol shared this problem 2 years ago

I've created this GeoGebra Classroom:

It appers in my dashboard:


But when I click on the link, the following error message appears:


Hope this can be fixed because I'm using this GeoGebra Classroom to grade students ...

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I am having the same issue. You are not alone!


I have the same problem, just want to add that I was able to create the classroom and access it via the link as a student earlier today (about 2.5 hours ago) and then when I needed it in class (about 0.5 hours ago), the link did not work for students, and then the page was not accessible to me.

Hoping this helps with the timeline and troubleshooting in some way.

Geogebra classroom has been a lifeline for me this semester in making synchronous real-time group work possible--I don't want to lose it.


I'm having the same problem. I was able to create new classrooms based off of those activities and use those for class today, but I can no longer access any student work on old classrooms created before today. I was in the middle of grading classwork for those classes!


Sorry about that - is it OK now?

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