Multiple, dependent check boxes, only one of which can be selected at a time?

Supreme Blorgon shared this question 7 years ago

I'm building a tool in which I need to provide users the ability to easily switch between different objects that each have their own unique properties.

Less abstractly—this tool uses many equations concurrently to show the user a host of output data graphically and as text. I need to provide the user with the ability to select different "objects", each of which contain a list of intrinsic values that the equations in my tool require.

I was thinking of trying this with just a set of check boxes, each individually representing an object, and depending on which is selected, the variables for it will populate the equations in the tool. But it doesn't seem like there's any way to enforce a check-only-one type rule.

Is there another way to do this? It needs to be graphical, so that a user can easily select their desired object without having to manually enter any data.

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In addition to this, it would actually be incredibly useful to have an additional tool in the program for creating dropdown lists.


concerning dropdown lists, you can create them out of any list you defined by selecting the option dropdown list in its Properties window (tab Basic). After defining a variable number with the command SelectedIndex[list], you can indeed show or hide a serie ofb items, depending on the value of this variable.

It's also possible to create checkboxes 'check only one'. In a script on each ckeckbox you can make it 'check only one' as follows: Use the command SetValue[<check box>,false] for all the other boxes, so checking one box, the others will be unchecked.



What button/symbol should I use to give the next SetValue command? A comma, a semicolon, a double slash or a double back slash? <Enter> button is not working here. How should I use SetVisibleInView command instead of SetValue command?

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