multi-colored items in a list

Niek Sprakel shared this question 4 years ago


With GeoGebra Classic, you could create a list of items as a column or row

in the Spreadsheet section and each of the items in the list could be assigned

an individual color. In this fashion you can render colorful images in

GeoGebra, like this one:

Is this also possible in the GeoGebra Geometry or GeoGebra Graphing

Calculator app with lists?

For instance if you use something like the IterationList to create a list

of circles, would it still be possible to assign colors to them individually

or can the whole list of items only be assigned a single color?

greetings and thanks in advance for any suggestions, Niek

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Sorry, a list can have only one color



Ok, so I guess one just has to iterate a variable with a trace to obtain something equivalent.

E.g. using Iteration instead of IterationList.

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