Moving an object with the arrow keys

Sarah Harrelson shared this question 2 years ago

I have a very simple file - just a vector in the plane. I'd like students to use the arrow keys to move the vector around, but I want the the arrow key to have the effect of ctrl+arrow. In other words - I want the arrow key to make a jump of 10 units instead of 1.

Thanks in advance for help!

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Settings -> Algebra -> Increment

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Settings -> Algebra -> Increment


Thank you again for your quick and helpful response Michael!

Just in case someone stumbles across this question, here is the solution that worked for me:

Under Object Properties for the vector, the algebra screen did not have an option to change the increment. I attempted to change the increment in the default settings (Options-->Advanced-->Preferences - Defaults-->Algebra) but that did not have the desired effect (likely user error!).

Instead, I created a point attached to my vector. I opened up Object Properties on this point and in the Algebra tab was the field to change the increment. For my vector I disabled selection allowed (Object Properties --> Advanced) so that students interacting with my little document will only be able to manipulate the point, which has the effect of translating the vector around the plane as desired.

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