Moodle Geogebra question. How to keep construction in feedback

DAVID SORIA SANCHEZ shared this question 3 years ago


I made a GG Moodle question based on the work of Javier Cayetano. The applet is: and the Moodle question is attached.

The problem is when, in Moodle, the student sends its construction for evaluation, the applet seems to be reloaded and some values changes (the independent terms of inequalities) in Moodle screen. The applet is a little complex, I have no much experience and maybe there some JS behind I don't understand.

I made some other applet with random numbers and the applet keeps the original in Moodle screen values after evaluation.

Could you help me?

BTW, is there an specific forum for Moodle Geogebra question type?

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Interesting news here

The mebis-Bayern team has decided to continue maintaining this plugin. We have made the plugin fit for Moodle 3.11.

If you find another bug or just want to contribute, we are looking forward to your contribution.

You can find the plugin at:


Hi Michael,

Problems still, im working moolde 3.11 and the recently released Geogebra plug (moodle-qtype_geogebra-MOODLE_311_STABLE), but there are no changes.Thanks.

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