Monte Carlo Estimation of Pi

math600 shared this question 4 years ago

I am trying to plot the Monte Carlo estimation of Pi in Geogebra.

I created a circle with radius 1, centered at the origin, and it is inscribed in a square.

To generate a sequence of n random points (determined by a slider), I added the following code in the input bar:

Sequence((RandomBetween(-1,1), RandomBetween(-1,1), i, 1, n)

The points appearing are only on the coordinates (-1,0), (1, 0), (0,1), (0, -1), and (0,0).

How do I get the points to appear on decimal values as well? For example (0.2, 0.4)?

I am trying to follow this video online but it is in French and I have trouble finding the equivalent functions in English. Can somebody help with what to do next after I plot the points to get the inequality?

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The command tu use in English is Sequence((RandomUniform(-1, 1), RandomUniform(-1, 1)), i, 1, n) instead of RandomBetween()

A method to solve these translation problems is to change your language setting in French, type the French command and the to switch your language back to English. Then you can identify the English name and syntax.


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