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moderation of new forum members

ich shared this question 3 years ago

What about "new members" in the Geogebra Forum?I know "the first post or comment of a new user in the forum needs to be approved by a Moderator or Administrator." as announced here:

That's fine with me to avoid SPAM etc.

But I wonder for how long this moderation will be in place for new user. I'm registered since ~2 weeks and still all my questions/answers go through moderation. This always take some time and I also I don't want to bother moderators too much with reviewing my questions/comments.

Will this continue for first months or year? Or will it be for first 100 posts or so ?


On busy days here in the forum 20+ thread are being discussed and then a new question might be stuck in moderation for ~8hours before it is posted for the public and then it might already be hidden on page 2 or 3 below all the other newer conversations.

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Thanks - this post was reactivated from trash can. (not sure how and why it was there)

Meanwhile I learned that the status of a new user can be changed to a "trusted user" somehow.

@Simona Riva - it would be good if you could update the announcement a bit to explain this change:

"After some time or after some posts the status of new users can be changed to a "trusted user" who no longer requires moderation. Users can view their current status at .... "

With that done I regard this question as "answered".

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