mixing up two acounts

UitgeverijPelckmans shared this problem 5 years ago

For some years I'm active on GGTube and the forum under my name chris cambré and my proper account with username ccambre. Besides that I'm doing some work for UitgeverijPelckmans, a Belgian Editor with an account of their own.

On the forum these two accounts got mixed up. When I'm logged in as chris cambré and click on help in the rightuppercorner of the screen in my profile page on GGTube, I'm directed to the forum still with my photo in the rightuppercorner, but clearly in the account of Pelckmans, showing their logo (see added screenview). When clicking on 'mijn onderwerpen' (my topics) I get an overview of the topics made by Pelckmans and not by me.

Could you get these things seperated again?

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