Minor glitches left in Intersect command

Download0091 shared this problem 6 years ago


It's nice to see that the reliability of the Intersect command has been improving.

There are some, mostly minor, issues left. The attached worksheet shows the following:

1. Intersect may report the same intersection point twice.

2. Occasionally, it makes Java crash. There is no consistent pattern to this and it is not easy to reproduce.

3. Likely unrelated to Intersect. The parametric function in the attached worksheet is defined in the interval 0 <= t <= 1 but, its value at 1 is undefined even though that point is in the interval.

4. Likely because of (3) above, the intersection point where t is 1, is undefined.


[attachment=0]Parametric Intersect Problems - Forum Post.ggb[/attachment]


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