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David shared this question 3 months ago

I am making a tutorial for my students on what they need to know about the GeoGebra Graphing app. I could not find what some of the menus and icons are called. I went through the tutorials twice looking.

Are graphs presented in the Graphics View? Graphics Window? Graphics Pane?

Inside Algebra view (window?) are boxes for input and output. What are these boxes called? Or what are the things inside the box called? Algebra Item (box)? Item (box)? Input/Output (box)? Input (box) sound all right, but in classic there is an option to have a separate input bar.

If you already created a tutorial less than 15 minutes long that contains how to find help, settings like rounding and fit to screen, and use shift drag to zoom one axis, then feel free to share.

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If you use the ggb menu items and tools, their name is displayed in the interface! :)

Anyway, the "place where you draw" is the Graphics View, the panel where you enter algebraic expressions is the Algebra View, whose rows are the Algebra Input or Input Bar rows

You can find more info in our tutorial here :

The tutorials for all the apps are here

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