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fbeleznay shared this question 1 year ago
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Can someone please have a look at the attached geogebra file?

When I open it, in the algebra view certain items (occasionally all) disappearing and when I open menus, I cannot see the menu items. The menu is there, I can click on the blank lines, I just need to remember which line opens which menu.

I am using Geogebra Classic 5.0.616.0-d on Linux MInt 20 Ulyana

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Are you using the official release?


Yes, I am using the official release (why would I use anything else?) I did write the release number in my post.

Before I asked the question I checked the package manager of my system, geogebra is there (and as far as I can see from the guide you linked, it should automatically update to the newest version).

Just in case, I also tried to manually download the latest version from the website (to check the newest version number, since the current version number is not given on the website), but nothing happens when I click on the debian 64 bit link, no download is starting.

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