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Chris Dugaw shared this question 2 years ago

I am creating activities for students to do in real-time, remotely taught classes, and would like to have students enter their answers as mathematical formulas. When I edit the activity the answer box has the formula input option, but in student view there is only text input. See:

Student View:


Editing view:


The activity can be found at:

I asked people who are more familiar with geogebra than me, and they could figure out a solution.

Is there a way for this to be changed so students can input math? I would this a lot for distance learning.


Chris Dugaw

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Yes, this is already been asked. By now it's not possible but perhaps in the future this feature will be added


It seems like it should be a relatively simple change.


I am facing the same problem. I want my students to demonstrate they can set up integrals to represent the volumes of solids. If I were in a physical classroom, it would be easy for me to asses whether or not my students understood this concept (I can look at the integral on their paper).

Unfortunately, teaching from home ensures this simple solution is not possible. There is no way I can have them input that kind of answer in a plaintext box. I really hope this feature is added soon!


An option is use interactive graphs in Geogebra, but use a DESMOS activity for students to enter their algebraic work. The equation editor on DESMOS is simple enough for students to use and DESMOS activities make it easy to control pace, etc.

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