Make line segments with invisible endpoints

Euklid Olsen shared this question 3 years ago

I would like to be able to create line segments without the endpoints defining the linesegment being visible. Is that possible?

I have considered multiple layers such that points created are by default placed on a layer below the "background" (here the background would be an image filling out the entire screen). However this requires that one is able to set all new created points on layer x, while the line segment itself should be placed on a layer y. Hope this makes sense.

Thanks in advance!

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Your link is not visible to me, maybe the object is not activated as public or visible with link. Maybe the link is wrong.

To check, you can log out and try to open the link as anonymous (it should be visible)


Without being able to display the applet, I can only guess (regarding an answer).

Basically to your idea is to say that nothing can be set below the background. So the image should be assigned to a layer greater than 0.

Maybe the attached tool is useful in the described context.


a solution for a fictional example problem.

Solution idea: Create segments with implicit points.


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