Main Toolbars and undocked GV

Laurent Hivon shared this question 9 years ago


4.9.218 JOGL 2

Open the 3D view and clicking in it displays the 3D Toolbar : OK

Now, when a 2D GV is docked : clicking in it displays the 2D Toolbar : OK

If the 2D GV is undocked, clicking in it does not turn the 3D Toolbar into the 2D one.

Something annoying is with undocked view is when you click outside it for example in the Algebra Panel, you cannot see it anymore.

Could it be possible to change that ?

Of course, same with 4.3.22

Many thanks


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Noël wrote :

"with EV2 undocked, click in EV3 shows 3D Toolbar, ok, clic in EV2, as you write, don't show 2D toolbar

when i click in Algebra 2D toolbar appears"

That's the point : when the EV2 is docked there is no need to clic in the Algebra Panel to get the 2D toolbar.

Second point

When the EV2 is undocked, if I clic in another part of the Main GGb window, the undocked EV gets behind this main window.

I am sorry my explainations are not clear.




Strange. I have the same problem with both 4.9.218 and 4.3.22.

Thanks for your answer


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