MacOS Keyboard Shortcuts

Christian Sletten shared this idea 4 years ago
Under Consideration

Will keyboard shortcuts be supported on the MacOS version of GeoGebra 6? Version 5 supports keyboard shortcuts, and it's absolutely necessary to maintain a productive workflow. Currently, it's only possible to copy and paste, but Undo and Redo are hidden in the menu.

Running GeoGebra 6.0.503.0-offline (03 October 2018)

MacOS 10.14.1

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Several shortcuts on macOS are still mapped to the CTRL key instead of CMD key. They still work but just don't follow native macOS convention.

For example:

Undo: CTRL + Z

Redo: CTRL + Y or CTRL + SHIFT + Z

Save file: CTRL + S

Select all: CTRL + A

Exceptions are:

Copy: CMD + C

Paste: CMD + V

Hope this mismatch could be fixed in the future.

But as far as they still work, you can use them with no big pain.



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