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Heikki Höijer shared this problem 3 years ago
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1) I have a list, L_1 = {5, 2, 6, ... }, total 6000 numbers, results of throwing a dice. The list is in the algebra-window.

2) I select L_1.

3) I open the Spreadsheet-window, and choose “One Variable Data Anlysis”-tool.

4) Very fine! I get a source-window with all 6000 numbers, and nice graphs etc.

My only problem is: If I would select the L_1 object when the Spreadsheet-window is open, I loose the “One Variable Data Anlysis”-tool.

In general: if choosing something in the algebra-windows, I lose the Spreadsheet-tools. Why so? Why can’t I keep the toolbar I want!

(In this case solution is easy: close the the Spreadsheet window, then select L_1 and then open the the Spreadsheet window, but …)

t. Heikki Höijer

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for now you can select L_1 and clic over the word spreadsheet on top of the screen in version5

in ver6 active the spreadsheet, then select the list clicking in the square at left and click on the tool

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