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Per Rubæk shared this problem 2 years ago
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I have at student (loui344q)who cannot login til GeoGebra. It tells her that her ID already existe. The e-mail ********* is not working. No mail is sending to her. Can You set op the e-mail at the username, so she can receive a mail.

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We checked the account and it seems that the emails were sent correctly.

A few things you can do:

Did you check the Spam folder? Sometimes the mails end up there.

It seems as if you are using some kind of school email system ... some of these systems have very hard restrictions about what to let through and what not. Maybe check with the administrators or the support of that email account, if mails from @geogebra.org can be received.

For further details and assistance maybe also consider contacting support@geogebra.org directly to not discuss this in the publicity of the forum ;-)



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