LocusEquation in v5.0 undefined for simple problems

Alison Owler shared this problem 6 years ago

Even for simple locus problems I get "undefined" for LocusEquation (see attached) or I get a Java error and it shuts down.

I have done exactly the same problem in GeoGebra 4.4 and it works fine. I want to use with my students but they will have the updated version.

Any suggestions?

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  1. LocusEquation[loc1]

works fine here with your file. Do you have any other problematic examples you could share?


I think there is a not desirable behaviour of locusequation


the point is defined in intersection of two lines and there is a

position with the same line for intersection then the locusequation

includes the equation of the line as factor of expression

the intersection[a,a] must be empty

see the difference: yellow vs red locus

Files: foro.ggb
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