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There are many problems in Geometry that have some restrictions and conditions on points.

For example: Prove that if incenter (I) of triangle ABC lies on its Euler Line, then the triangle is isosceles.

Assuming that points B, C of the triangle are fixed, and A is moving, how can I find the locus of all A that satisfy the condition? (The locus may be just one point or more...)

Here's my trial:

Locus(If(AreCollinear(H,I,O),A), A)

Or may be define a point P:

P = If(AreCollinear(H,I,O),A), A)

Then whenever P gets defined, a sort of a picture of it is captured and saved as point P_0 for example (I think this is possible by SetCoords() onUpdate)

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Here's ggb file:

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