Loading previously saved and working project gives error

platonicsoftware shared this problem 7 years ago

Hi there,

Tried searching for similar issues and didn't see any. I have two existing projects I did some time ago when I was trying to visualise Ray/Plane and line segment intersect tests for coding purposes.

I am in the process of implementing code and wanted to review my maths in these projects for optimizations, upon opening both projects I receive and error message:

Geogebra - Error processing of command: Translate[vProjR,R-0] on my ray/plane project.

The segment intersection project contains far more Translate operations and the loading error lists each operation.

I could have sworn I opened at least one of the two projects within the last week and had no errors, suddenly today both projects have errors and no longer provide me with the desired visualisation. Has there been some update or syntax change which is now rendering these Translate operations invalid?

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we did some changes in handling 2D / 3D points to enable more commands in 3D, it seems this affected the Translate command. Bug fixed for next release, thanks for the report.




Please try the new version

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