Little bug ? Different Behavior for Properties > Position

Noel Lambert shared this problem 8 months ago
Not a Problem


For picture/text with Position B or C, you can move B or C, object follows

For button with Position A, move A, button don't follow, an update is needed, eg CtrlF

Comments (3)


Re-selecting Point A in the Position tab of the button’s settings cause the button to properly track Point A again. It appears GeoGebra sometimes loses track of which objects have positional dependencies and has to be reminded.


(MAC GGB 570)

Create button and point. Set Point A in Properties > Position of the button

It is ok : Button move when we move point A

Save and re open

Button doesn't move with point A

Ctrl F (or Ctrl R) : the button goes near the point, but don't move when move point

Conclusion :

Set button position doesn't work

(workaround : SetCoords(Button, x(A),y(A)) in On update Script of point)


"Position" tab shouldn't show for buttons (probably not worth fixing)

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