List of Points tool does nothing on iPad

treyharris shared this problem 2 years ago
Not a Problem

In Spreadsheet view on Geogebra Classic iPad 6.0.558.0-aw (06 September 2019), the "List of Points" tool does nothing. See screenshot; the help overlay toast appears, but no matter how many times I tap List of Points, nothing happens. The plain List tool does open the dialog.


This is true in the tutorial on iPad/Safari as well. You can follow precisely the instructions up to the first live embed in the embed, and it won"t work.

If the flow has changed somehow on iPad in a way I haven't been able to discern, the tutorial should be changed to reflect that. Otherwise, the tool apparently needs fixing.

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As Noel writes you've got to have a first colom for the x-coordinates and a second for y to create a list of points.


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