List of features not yet implemented in Geogebra 5?

Swulf shared this question 9 years ago


I really like Geogebra 5 but find it frustrating to come across functions and tools that are obviously planned but not yet implemented, or which don't work in 3D yet. Quite a few times I have started a project with Geogebra only to be stopped at some stage by a missing or non-functioning tool or function. :anguished:

To help users avoid this, I would like to suggest that the developers publish a list (updated at every release) of those features/tools/functions etc that are as yet incompletely or only partially implemented in Geogebra 5. This would really save us from wasting time on a project assuming that we can use a feature that has yet to be implemented.

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What is implemented :

What is done at each release :

What is planned to be done :



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