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taureion shared this question 7 years ago

First of all:

Many thanks to the developers for creating this app! You did a great job and the app works pretty well on release.

There are still some issues i want to share with you but i don't really know if they occur on every tablet, maybe it is depending on the screen size or something...

First of all: I am using the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 on Android 4.1.2.

1) The app isn't always responding to inputs. For example: pressing the "hide/show"-button 12 times next to a function in the list on the right doesn't do anything and suddenly the 13th click finally lets it disappear. Same goes for moving points in the graphic-area.

On the other hand showing/hiding the different menus always worked fine so it only seems to affect inputs in terms of "dynamic objects" such as functions, geometric objects, ...

2) Everything displayed on the graphic-area is diffuse/fuzzy. Everything else (menu-buttons at the bottom, item-list on the right, etc.) is sharp. Is it an issue because i have an 8"-tablet and the app is optimized for 10"? I really look forward for a fix/an optimization on this issue because labels and numbers are hardly readable this way. The display is diffuse in both orientations: scenery and landscape mode. Please take a look at the screenshot for better impression:


3) I really like the input-helper with the most used mathematical symbols, brackets, ...

But if i am using one of those buttons, my android-keyboard disappears for nearly a second before it automatically pops back up. I don't know though, if it is an android-related or geogebra-related problem.

I will test the app even more in the next days and will give additional feedback.

Keep up the great work!

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Please upload your screenshot as a PNG not JPEG so we can see it properly (preferably to the forum)


Unfortunately the screenshots are too big in size to be uploaded with the forum-upload, but here are 2 screenshots at another upload-service which should keep them in PNG format:

Thanks for your fast response!


Regarding the diffuse graphics i asked some other Note 8.0 users and got these answers:

3 out of 3 Users with the Note 8.0 NT-5100 (Wlan & 3G) on Android 4.2.2 have sharp graphics and cannot reproduce the issue i have.

I am still waiting for some responses from other users, especially those with the NT-5110 (wlan only).

But this issue seems to be affected either by the wlan only model or the Android Version 4.1.2.

Unfortunately only the NT-5100 can be updated to 4.2.2, the NT-5110 update still haven't been released.

Maybe this information helps you. Do you have a clue yet, why the graphics could be blurred?

Keep up the good work! The last update gave a major speed boost to the app!


Another small but sometimes very stressing issue:

If i want to change coordinates of an object or the term of a function, i cannot jump to the position inside the term i want to change. The dialogue-wondow displays the position marker but doesn't let me move it. Instead i have to erase every digit/symbol from the end of the term until i arrive at the number i want to change and after that i must type all the symbols behind it again. This means, i have to note all those symbols down or remember them which can be frustrating with long terms and definitions.

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