List Creation from Selection

Miavir shared this idea 8 years ago

For some reason, the main method of creating lists of non-point objects GeoGebra has seems to be selecting everything in an area of the Graphics View window. This becomes tedious if what you want in a List is not closely grouped, or has lots of extraneous bits and pieces in the same area. It would help me lots if I could actually select things in the algebra window, then do a right click and 'Create List from Selection'. Or maybe some method of selecting objects in the Object Properties window and being able to add or remove them from a list or create a new list there.

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You can shift-click and ctrl-click to select multiple objects in the Algebra view. Then drag them into the input line to create a list. They appear in the list in the order selected.


BTW for me the Create List tool doesn't seem to work.

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