Linking two ore more applets in one activity

amvukovic shared this question 3 years ago

I was wondering if there's a possibility to link for example two applets with the same variable (or more) within same activity..? It was (and I suppose still is) possible with JS when embedding applets in html document... But it would be great if I could link two applets within same activity on GGB tube...

I have an applet with AA Triangles Similarity Theorem showing triangles with one joint vertex (as in Thales Proportional Segments Theorem) in which students can move points and investigate corresponding segments ratios.

I would like to be able to link this applet to another one showing those same two triangles separated, in a way that when student move points in the first applet (changing segments lengths) corresponding points would be automatically moved in the other one (segments lengths would be changed accordingly as well).

Is this possible?

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Yes, using JavaScript

It's easier to use Graphics View 1 and Graphics View 2 though :)

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