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John Miwa shared this question 2 years ago

According to the instructions, the syntax for a line using two points is (<Point A>, <Point B>), and the syntax for a line using a point and a direction vector is (<Point A>, <Vector>).

I am trying to use the second format, but Geogebra interprets my keystrokes to be the first format. Example: I type Line ((1,2,3),(4,5,6)). I get a line through (1,2,3) and (4,5,6).

What do I type into my computer so that Geogebra understands that my second set of numbers is a vector and not another point?

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The syntaxes only indicate what's possible as input, but you have to make clear whether your input is a point or a vector. GeoGebra always reads coordinates as a vector. You can do this by defining first a vector u = (4,5,6) and use it in the command Line((1,2,3), u) or to write Line( (1,2,3), Vector((0,0,0), (4,5,6))


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