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I have embedded a geogebra applet in a webpage. Ideally I'd only have it show graphics -- the user interacts with the webpage through a separate input bar, and the geogebra objects are updated occasionally in response to that.

Therefore, I'd really like to get rid of what I think is called the algebra view: the sidebar that tells you which objects there are and what their main properties are (screenshot attached). There seems to be a Javascript command for that (ggbApplet.showAlgebraInput(false)) but it doesn't do anything for me. (All other Javascript-commands seem to work; that's how I let the app place points and lines etc.)

I realize the user could just drag it out of view, but I don't want to rely on that.

I initialize the app like this:

var ggbApp = new GGBApplet({"appName": "classic", "width": 800, "height": 600, "showToolBar": true, "showAlgebraInput": false, "showMenuBar": false}, true);

window.addEventListener("load", function() {



I'd very much appreciate any tips on how to best embed a ggb app that requires minimal direct user interaction. I also haven't found out yet how to dynamically load an external file ...

Many thanks to anyone who can point me in the right direction!

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An uploaded file shows the same views as the ggb file, when uploading. So if you hide the Algebra View before uploading, it won't be shown in the online applet. For things as the input bar, menu, tools, you can select or deselect them in the advanced features below the applet when uploading deciding whether they will be shown or not.


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