LaTeX problem - Special character not working

Felipe Faust Bernal shared this problem 3 years ago

I have recently noticed that the character "ç" hasn't been working in geogebra applets for me, either in the geogebra 5 desktop application or in the website, whenever it appears within LaTeX text. Instead, a red "\c", indicating an invalid LaTeX command, appears in its place, and any text written after said character isn't shown. So, for example, instead of displaying the text "Uma função quadrática é ...", "Uma fun\c" is displayed in its place.

This has pretty much broken most of my applets, since "ç" is used in quite a lot of words in my language.

It should be noted that I've noticed this problem in three different computers: two of them running Ubuntu 18.04.1 and the other one running Windows 10.

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Sorry, please try the new version (v502)

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