LaTeX interval notation

HenkH shared this question 11 years ago

We would like to express intervals the way Dutch pupils are trained.

They learn that [0, 3> means including zero up to, but excluding 3.

MathType delivers the code, but Geogebra generates angles and brackets of different heights. The token [ and ] have less heightthan than \lange and \rangle.

Just take a look at \left[0 , 3 \rangle

and you know what I mean.

These days, I spend hours to find boxes or whatever that would create equal height

brackets and angles. It is very frustrating to confess that I failed. Yes, indeed.

So, what should I do to create equal height tokens?

Kind regards

Henk Hietbrink

$\left[ {2,\;3} \right]$

$\left\langle {2,\;3} \right\rangle $

$\left[ 2 \right.,\left. 3 \right\rangle $

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1) GeoGebra 4.0 Beta renders [0,3\rangle quite OK (it's using better LaTeX engine)

2) have you tried just [2,3〉or [2,3〉, without any LaTeX symbols? (the second one is Japanese and is slightly smaller in GeoGebra)


Thanks for finding out the Japanese brackets.

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