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In a mass installation with the msiexec /i geogebra_6.msi /ALLUSERS=2 /qn command, the application is always in english instead of the system language which is French. You have to change it manually atfer launch in the settings, why ?

When installed with the .exe file, the language is correctly set in french from the start.

What option in the command allows the setting of the language to French with the mass install .msi file ?

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Noticed the same.

When starting geogebra the first time(or after deleting geogebra in appdata) it will use the same language as Windows while it loads, after it finishes loading it switches to english.


In the log file, systemlanguage is detected in french but the application still installs in english by default. This is an issue. Fix it or what's the option to set the default language in the command line installation.

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