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Els Coussement shared this problem 3 years ago
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On my smartphone (Android) I have several GeoGebra apps (GeoGebra Graphical Calculator, Scientific Calculator, CAS). At the moment is 'Dutch (Nederland)' the language setting. That is not what I want because I live in Belgium. I can change the language to 'English (UK)' but I am unable to change the language to 'Dutch (België)'.

My colleague has an iphone with the 'GeoGebra Graphing Calculator'. She cannot change the language either to 'Dutch (België)'. The settings stay also on 'Dutch (Nederland)'. Oddly enough, she sees 'settings' in the menu instead of 'instellingen'. In the buttons she has a button 'rechte' (translation for Flanders) and not a button 'line through 2 points' (translation for the Netherlands). Strange!

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On the settings I cannot answer, because it's a matter for the developers.The second issue on 'rechte' and 'line' maybe can be explained as follows: I'm translating into dutch (Belgium). This translation is applied too in dutch (Netherlands) unless a translator from the Netherlands makes a change into the word they use.

So you could see 'Belgian' variants while the language setting is dutch (Netherlands) if no one there translates in into the word they use. Several words have to be translated multiple times because of multiple use, So if the responsible translater doesn't use the app version and forgets to take a look on the trans website he won't see if there's translation work to do.


Thanks for letting us know! We'll try to fix this soon.

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