Kinematics using calculus - wrt t - several difficulties!

kathrynp shared this question 3 years ago

Trying to create applet with input of s, v, a as functions of t.

1) Working for inputting s and differentiating, but not for integration from v or a. I only want to graph for t>0.

2) Any suggestions for how to allow free input of boundary conditions

3) Any way of putting an input box in the third graphics view? (This came from a demo file from Mike B)

4) Would like to format labels of graphics with proper fractions.

Link to file:

Thanks in anticipation! Kathryn

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Question no1. Your blue graph is Integral(v_3, t)). Change it to If(t>0,Integral(v_3,t))

Question no.2 Using input boxes to define max/min ?


Question no.3 Guess no, it's a 3D window, that currently doesn't support input boxes.

Question no.4 Drag the function from Algebra View to Graphics View. GeoGebra creates a nicely formatted text


About boundary conditions (not exactly sure if this is what you mean):

Why not defining them directly in the input box for function a?

I mean, typing in the input box something like

2t+1, 1<=t<=2


Thanks, Simona.

I'm getting 'undefined' when I try to get an integral of a function with a limited domain. Think a work-around will be to hide the functions and create a new domain-limited function that is visible.

For boundary conditions, I meant the conditions to find the constants of integration eg when t=1, v=3 & s=-4.

I'm thinking dynamic text might work for the formatted text - I want to stick to s, v and a for what is seen, rather than all the different names used as variables.

Asking questions has helped my thinking!


Think I've resolved most of the issues, although still a bit of work to do.

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