KeepIf does not work on reload

Angsüsser shared this problem 3 years ago
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I have List of Vectors from A_i to B_i. When I filter this list with KeepIf with condition Length(vv)<2 then it works. Saving and reloading the ggb file results in an error.

Here are the files:


2) error - message

3) ggb file


Version I am using 5.0.564 Classic on a Linux Machine (see proto-image)

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Thanks, we'll check (probably not soon though).

If you are happy editing XML then you can find

KeepIf(Length(vv) < 2,Vector(vv),VL)

and change it to

KeepIf(Length(vv) < 2,vv,VL)

Alternatively if you work with a list of Points it will work


Thanks for the hint - I will try with a list of Points.

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