"Keep Input" button destroys function definition

Alexander Perl shared this problem 4 years ago
In Progress

Steps to reproduce:

  • Open "CAS" view
  • In cell 1, type "f(x):=0.5*x"
  • Hit [Enter]

It should now look like this:


Now, do the following:

  • Select the light-blue part of cell 1
  • Click on the "Keep Input" button

This way, the previously defined function gets deleted and instead, you get the following:


Comments (3)


Thanks, nice bug report :)

We'll check (sorry, probably not soon though)


Actually, the same problem occurs when first evaluating numerically and then switching back to exact evaluation. So it seems not like a problem of the "Keep Input" button, but more like a deeper problem of the select-and-click method.


To be honest, the whole concept of the CAS windows seems more like a point-and-click adventure to me than a productively usable "real" CAS.

I already noticed that there actually are useful key combinations (e.g. [Alt]+[Enter] for keep-input), but right now they produce extra unnecessary lines which make the result ugly. Sadly, this suggestion (as many other useful suggestions I already made) was rejected.

Hopefully, the current decision-makers will sooner or later stop being to stubborn and immune to useful improvements.

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