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Lua Shixiong shared this question 3 months ago
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Dear all in GGB community,

I am so close to materialize an idea of mine to send data from an applet to Google sheets. With the data in sheets, I could better monitor responses (perhaps Geogebra classroom may eventually be able to do this) and to link it to flippty where I could award badges.

I have been diligently following this tutorial: but after following the instructions, changing header of the google sheet and making sure the Javascript matches the headers, I am getting an Reference Error sendData is not defined error after clicking on the SEND button.

Michael and Lewws has previously given me some hints. I have followed them but again met with other errors.

Can anyone help?

Providing the links to the google sheet:

and GGB aaplet:

Many thanks in advance!

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I suggest you start again from the working version and make small change -> test -> make small change -> test -> etc

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