Javascript openFile

SteveC shared this idea 14 years ago
Under Consideration

Is there any way to tell if openFile fails? If not, can it be be changed to return a status?

More generally, can there be a generic error reporting system? EvalCommand, for example, returns a boolean, but it looks like the only way to get the error message is through the error dialog.

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I am using GGB within Chrome on W10 and I like to do some scripting in JS within GGB (e.g. put some code in onClick tab)

ggbApplet.openFile works fine there but when the script load several ggb one after another you cannot rely on the right construction to be there. In a line openFile seems to be asynchronous as in get/setBase64. Yet I cannot understand how to listen for openFile completion. After all, loading a new construction, all handlers are off. Any idea?

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