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i'm interested in using the js API for controlling the behavior of the ggb construction.

I would like to have an html button that sets the construction to full-screen mode and starts an animation.

While I believe that the second part should be comparatively easy, I'm not sure about the first part.

I know I can enable the full-screen mode by clicking the relevant button in the ggb applet.

However, as I mention, I'd like to do that from the html page, via a javascript command/script associated to a button.

Is this possible?

Thanks a lot


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Hi Francesco,

have you already had a look at this page?

and this


Hi Simona,

thank you. Yes, i browsed through the commands, and also found one similar question.

However, the closest thing to what I'd like appears to be "manually" adjusting the applet size. I have not tried yet, but I guess this means that the applet is always embedded in the webpage, which in turn is contained in a browser tab.

The browser window retains its size and all its toolbars, which (in my mind) take up useful space.

I was aiming at the same effect as the "fullscreen" button in the construction. The browser "disappears" and the focus is on the construction alone.

Ideally, I'd like for a button in the webpage to trigger the fullscreen mode and start the animation of a variable.

Thanks again



Sorry, that's not possible at the moment


Hi Michael,

thank you for your reply.

Shoot... I really would have liked that feature!

I hope it will be available in a future version of GeoGebra

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