Javascript API backwards incompatibility between GeoGebra 5 and 6

ittayalfassi shared this question 2 years ago
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Hello there,

I've been building educational physics games using Geogebra as a graphical framework and using JavaScript as a back-end.

I'm using GeoGebra 5 on my local computer to develop the games.

I recently built a game that heavily relies on the Javascript API and runs perfectly on GeoGebra 5, but crashes when I open it on GeoGebra 6 / upload it.

I found out that for some reason, GeoGebra 5 supports const variables in JS, but GeoGebra 6 does not.

is there a full specifications document, showing the API differences between the two versions?

(I also added the game in question for reference.)

Thanks a lot,


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GeoGebra 5 uses the Rhino JavaScript interpreter

Please can you try and make a minimal example to show the problem?

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