issues with vector graphic export to .pdf

Martino Pavignano shared this question 2 years ago
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I have a question about the .pdf output one can obtain with GGB. I experimented some issues with segments and angles when I do: export .pdf > open .pdf on Illustrator > save .dxf > open .dxf with AutoCAD. In this way, I was able to check that, sometimes, there are issues with the precision GGB uses to create the .pdf. I wonder if there is the possibility to either export directly in .dxf format or produce a 100% precise .pdf with vector graphic.

I attach a detail of one .pdf of mine showing the problem.

Thank you in advance



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Catturaggb.JPG looks fine, what's wrong exactly?

The online version has better PDF export, have you tried that?

Please post your .ggb file if that doesn't help

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