Issues with how the graphing calculator evaluates expressions from the keypad vs keyboard

rbrieler shared this question 3 years ago

I discovered today in my classes that if a student enters an expression like (4-sqrt(7))/2 with the input pad within Geogebra it will not evaluate the entire expression. It would either evaluate 4/2 as 2 or create a slider at 4. However, if everything but the sqrt symbol are entered from the computer's physical keyboard, the expression evaluates correctly. Am I misunderstanding functionality or is this a bug?


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Thanks for the report! It seems that hyphen (-) that you can type with keyboard works with sqrt but minus sign (−) does not. Fixed for next release. Meanwhile you can use hardware keyboard (type sqrt or alt+r to create square roots) or type −1 in front of square roots instead of just − with onscreen keyboard.

The problem was fixed for the next release.


Thank you so much for the quick response. I'll let my students know the next time class meets. I really appreciate everything the GeoGebra Institute does to make math accessible and dynamic.

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